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Dr. Phyllis Quinlan - http://www.mfwconsultants.com/

President/CEO of MFW Consultants to Professionals: Phyllis S. Quinlan, RN, PhD, CLNC, CEN, CCRN

Is a graduate from Molloy College in New York (1975) with a BA in both psychology and sociology. She received her BSN in 1978 and holds a Masters Degree from The New School of Social Research in Healthcare Management and Urban Policy. Dr. Quinlan completed her PhD in Healthcare Administration in 2008 at Warren National University.
Throughout her 30 plus-year nursing career she has practiced in a variety of emergency services, acute care and long term care settings. She is nationally certified in Critical Care Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Continuing Education/Staff Development, and Legal Nurse Consulting.
Phyllis is a graduate of the Nancy SantoPietro & Associates Feng Shui Training Program and has promoted balanced living and a healthy work environment as a Feng Shui Practitioner since 1999. While she has worked with clients in adjusting their living spaces, she specializes in work space/office space adjustments. She also incorporates complimentary approaches to wellness into her Life-coaching practice.
Dr. Quinlan is an active member of the Professional Woman Network as well as a member of the Network's National Speaker's Bureau. She was a presenter at the PWN's 2007 International Convention in Chicago. She is a contributing author for 5 books within the 17 volume PWN anthology dedicated to empowering women.

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