About the Show

Well Talk is a weekly radio program, carried on commercial and National Public Radio stations, that is devoted to Health, Fitness, and Wellness. Hosted by celebrity personal trainer, fitness consultant, and “Spread The Wellth” columnist, Avi Dresner, the half-hour program aspires to be the Car Talk of Fitness. With characteristic wit and humor, Dresner interviews health, fitness and wellness professionals from doctors and scientists to yoga instructors, massage therapists, nutritionists, professional athletes and performing artists.

Past shows have covered topics ranging from Alzheimer’s research to unicycling, and everything in between. A typical exchange between Dresner and a yoga instructor guest had him asking her what posture she was doing in her guest photo on the Well Talk website. When told it was baddha konasana, Dresner asked if that meant “I think I just pulled my groin in Sanskrit.” The humor is only the trimming, however. First and foremost, Well Talk seeks to inform.

The show grew out of Dresner’s more than 20 year commitment to delivering the manifold benefits of health, fitness, and wellness to as broad an audience as possible. As a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, consultant, presenter, and journalist, Dresner has been sharing the message of good health, fitness, and wellness with progressively wider and wider audiences. Well Talk is the logical next step in that lifelong journey, and the plan is to expand to a national audience on NPR within the year. Avi would be honored if you join him on that journey.